How to Build an Eagles-Niners ‘Sonic Boom’ Tie-Break Video


The Philadelphia Eagles have a new tie-breaker video that highlights how they can make things interesting when things go south.

The video, called “Sonic Booms,” has been viewed more than 8.6 million times on YouTube since it was uploaded on Wednesday.

It’s a quick but easy introduction to how a tie-break can play out when things get weird.

Here are five reasons why the tie-breaking can be so important: 1.

It can be a very long tie.

The tie-breakers are pretty simple.

There are two ways to get the ball back.

One is to run a play that ends up on the sideline or in the end zone.

The other is to punt the ball to the one team that had the ball at the time the goal clock expired.

The only thing you have to do to get it back is kick the ball away from the other team and it’s a done deal.

The game will end the same way regardless of the outcome of a touchdown, a field goal, a turnover or any other kind of play.

So if you have a goal line play, for instance, you can call a run to get that ball back to your own 2.

If the kicker is blocked, the ball is back in play.


The play can still be scored on the field.

If you’re on the clock, you’re still going to get to score on the same play that you scored on.

If your kicker isnt blocked, you still score on a play you didn’t score on, even if the ball goes in.

The goal will still count and the clock will go back to zero.

This is a really powerful tie-check.


The kicker can still score.

If he misses, you get the extra point.

If his missed field goal goes in, you score.


The officials will still have the ball.

You can still run the play, so long as it isn’t the last play of the game.

But you’re not going to score anyway.

So it’s pretty easy to score a field-goal with a miss, even with the ball in play in this case.

4) The tie is still going in.

If it’s the same score on both sides, it will still be a tie.

If one team scores first, it’ll still be 1-1.

If neither team scores, it’s still 1-2.

If both teams score, it stays tied.

5) There’s still the option of a TD.

If there’s a tie, the goal is still a touchdown.

If either team scores after the goal, it can still go to overtime.

So you still have to score.

Thats one of the most important aspects of tie-breaks, right?

This is the only tie-off in the NFL that has two options.

One option is to score and tie or score and lose.

The team that gets the ball first scores first.

But if both teams have the same goal, the other scores first because the clock won’t go back until both teams scored.

That means if your kicker misses and you score and you’re tied, you will get the TD.

But the ball can still get back to the opponent’s side and they could score if they want to.

That’s not always the case, but that’s what happens in the playoffs when the teams score a touchdown in overtime.

This means that even if your team has the ball, you’ll still get the field goal.

And if both goals are tied, your team still gets the TD because the other teams goal score was in the overtime.

5a) It can also help your team score.

The extra point can give you a chance to score, especially if the opponent is trailing.

But it also helps your team keep the ball because it gives your team the chance to move the ball with a little bit more urgency.

But this is not always possible because if the team has a touchdown and the ball scores, your other team can still tie the score.

So the extra points have to come from the opponent.

That has to be a big deal for your team to score when your team is trailing by three points.

5b) The Eagles have some of the best kicker in the league.

They’ve been in the playoff hunt for years now and have a long history of tying the scores in the clutch.

They have some great kicker coaches in Tom Coughlin and John DeFilippo who know how to build their teams and play the best possible defense.

There is a great kicker coach in Tom Brady.

And the team is very strong when it comes to their offense.

It has some of those guys.

And they have some guys that can make the game interesting.

So when you play against the Philadelphia Eagles, you want to play a lot of the same things you would against any other team.

6) The fans know how important it is.

The Eagles are one of those teams that has always been