How to write better blog posts


Mickey, a blogger and writer for The Daily Beast, was looking for a way to share his passion for writing with his followers.

So he started a blog and started blogging.

Mickey and his blog are now considered the most popular blog on The Daily Show.

Mickeys posts are well-written and he gets thousands of readers each month.

He has also created a series of guides to help others create better blog content.

But Mickeys blog post on writing better blog post is the perfect example of the power of writing to inspire people.

Read on to learn how to write more inspiring blog posts.


Learn the basics of blogging 2.

Understand how to make a strong story 3.

Write with purpose 4.

Create a compelling video 5.

Create compelling content 6.

Inspire your audience 7.

Create your own brand 8.

Keep your blog a safe space 9.

Keep it fun and entertaining 10.

Keep a blog in good standing 11.

Keep the blog clean 12.

Keep yourself and your content fresh 13.

Be patient 14.

Keep you blog free 15.

Make a list of things you love about your blog 16.

Keep things relevant 17.

Keep up to date on your blog 18.

Keep something interesting to read 19.

Create content for yourself and others 20.

Write about anything, anytime and anywhere 21.

Share your story 22.

Write something personal with your readers 23.

Keep readers engaged 24.

Make friends 25.

Create and share content for your community 26.

Make money 27.

Give back 28.

Share something that inspires you 29.

Help others live their lives in the moment 30.

Help you make money 31.

Help your blog grow 32.

Help a friend and/or family member 33.

Keep in touch with friends and family 34.

Support your business and friends 35.

Write for others 36.

Share content to make people smile 37.

Share good content and ideas 38.

Write and share useful content 39.

Keep on top of social media trends 40.

Keep track of your social media history 41.

Keep updates on social media news 42.

Keep an eye on social trends 43.

Get updates on your favorite blogs 44.

Keep friends up-to-date on all things podcast 45.

Share new content with your friends 46.

Keep people informed on everything going on with the podcast 47.

Keep them informed on the latest news and events 48.

Keep their interest in your blog and podcast 49.

Be in touch on your favourite topics 50.

Keep everyone updated on what’s happening in your life 51.

Keep tabs on everything that is going on in your social circles 52.

Share interesting and fun content with others 53.

Get in touch if you need help 54.

Get your voice heard by someone you care about 55.

Share with your loved ones 56.

Share positive things happening in the world of podcasts 57.

Be creative and make something new 58.

Keep going with your blog, podcast, and life 59.

Keep learning by following your passions 60.

Keep doing what you love and be more creative 61.

Keep reading for inspiration 62.

Keep blogging, keeping your blog free, and creating content 63.

Write content for others 64.

Write good content for anyone and everyone 65.

Keep writing and blogging with your content 66.

Keep sharing content with anyone and anyone 67.

Share fun things going on right now and make sure you don’t miss anything 68.

Share important information to help people make better decisions 69.

Write a guest post for your local newspaper or magazine 70.

Share an important piece of news or entertainment 71.

Share information that will make you smile 72.

Write an interesting story for your friends and relatives 73.

Keep interesting topics of your blog interesting and interesting for others 74.

Keep getting in touch to see what people are talking about with your article 75.

Share useful tips and tricks to help you with your writing skills 76.

Write your own blog post or guide 77.

Write articles to share with your audience 78.

Write up a list for people you think might like your content 79.

Write interesting content to share 80.

Keep coming back to your blog 81.

Share helpful content with family and friends 82.

Write important information and updates to your readers 83.

Keep updating your blog with news and info for your audience 84.

Write stories to share 85.

Keep being involved in your community 86.

Keep creating content for the greater good 87.

Keep giving back to the community 88.

Keep putting yourself out there 89.

Keep adding to your personal blog 90.

Keep engaging people 91.

Keep entertaining people 92.

Keep making your blog fun 93.

Keep thinking outside the box 94.

Keep building and growing your blog to help improve your blog content 95.

Keep contributing to the world 96.

Keep helping people and communities 97.

Keep telling people your story 98.

Keep growing your audience 99.

Keep improving your blog 100.

Keep inspiring your audience 101.

Keep finding new ways to share your story 102.

Keep pushing yourself to do more 103.

Keep striving to be better 104.

Keep developing your own content 105.

Keep expanding your audience 106. Keep