First UK TV show to explore how the world’s richest families pay for their meals


The first UK TV series exploring how the worlds richest families have spent the last decades of their lives is to begin filming in Britain this week.

The programme, titled The Royal Caribbean: Food and Finance, will be broadcast on BBC One at 8:00pm on Sunday, the BBC’s Food Channel said.

It is the first time a UK programme has been filmed in the Caribbean.

Its star, the late Michael Caine, will also be on hand to provide the programme’s narration.

Its subject matter is a mix of the personal and commercial, with stories set in Caribbean nations such as Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Caine, who died in 2016, had been living in Jamaica for the past 18 years, where he was an avid collector of luxury items.

His stories of the Caribbean were well known and the BBC has previously shown its love for the islands, with one of its first episodes exploring its famous Caribbean-themed ice cream bars, the Creme Brulee.

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