What you need to know about the Red State Blog, a new national political blog


This is the fifth in a series of stories on the new Red State blog.

It’s a mix of political and investigative reporting from the US’s most influential political blog.

Red State is one of the biggest news sites in the US, covering topics such as Donald Trump, the Trump family, Trump University, and the Trump administration.

This week, it’s delving into the Red States secret plans to ‘dance’ the American presidency.

The blog will be led by political commentator, commentator, and commentator, Red State editor-in-chief, Mark Dice.

Dice said the blog was created by an organisation called the Committee for America’s Future (CofA), a conservative group founded by former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman, Karl Rove.

“We are a group of people who want to build a party and a movement that can win the election and put the country back on the right track,” Dice said.

He said CofA’s goals were to promote a Republican platform, create an alternative to the Democratic Party, and make the Republican Party more appealing to minority groups.

Red State will be the third website to join the new blog.

In June, The New York Times reported on a plan to build an all-Republican platform.

But the RedState blog is different.

A site for the “little people”, Red State will focus on the American Dream.

Its aim is to give Americans a voice in politics and promote a healthy, positive relationship with the world.

Mark Dice is one such person.

In the blog’s blog post, Dice said he wants to promote an alternative political agenda to the Republican party.

That includes promoting the idea of a “little America” that he says will give people a voice and be seen as a champion of ordinary Americans.

If you’d like to get involved in the RedStates mission, he wrote in the blog post:”Join our new team and help us build an alternative Republican Party that’s strong, responsible, and accountable.

And then, if you don’t like it, we’ll give you a free subscription to RedState to help you make your voice heard.”

Dices is a staunch conservative.

Cofa has been running the new website for two years, and it’s only been officially launched a month ago.

There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the new site.

Former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, tweeted a link to the blog and the site’s logo, along with the caption, “We’re not going to allow Donald Trump to run for president anymore.”

And former President Joe Biden tweeted:”The RedState Blog is not going away anytime soon.

#NoTrumpInThe White House”In an interview with Business Insider, Dice told Business Insider the blog will take on the role of an alternate news outlet.

You’ll be able to read the blog, he said.

But the goal is to be a forum for those who are interested in alternative politics.

‘No Trump in the White House’ will be a platform for those with differing views on the Trump presidency, and that includes those who disagree with the President’s views on immigration and trade, he told BusinessInsider.

According to Dice, the RedSites goals are not limited to the Trump White House.

“[The RedSite] is about bringing in ideas from outside the Trump campaign, outside of the Republican establishment, to help us create a better alternative to a political system that’s dominated by the billionaires and the rich,” Dice told us.

What’s important to keep in mind when reading the blog is that it’s going to be completely independent of any political party or candidate.

Even though it will be run by the RedShites editorial team, Dice insists that he won’t be following any of the political party lines.

So far, the blog has been very supportive of Trump, and Dice said it was important to remain neutral.

However, the site is also supportive of other political causes, including Democrats, unions, and environmentalists.

While some have criticised the blog for its content, Dice believes it has been a helpful outlet for his views.

As well as being a platform to engage with readers, the website also gives readers a voice, Dice explained.

Because of this, he believes it will have a positive impact on public policy.

When asked about the new White House, Dice did not rule out a run for office, but said he didn’t want to “be too negative” about the incoming administration.

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