How to get rid of gay body blogger’s blog


By Tom HennesseyNew York Giants player Victor Cruz was fined $1,000 by the NFL after he posted a photo of himself posing with a bodybuilder’s girlfriend on his Instagram account.

The New York Giants are taking action against the bodybuilder who uploaded the photo, according to ESPN.

The Giants issued a statement Monday afternoon that said: “The Giants were aware of the Instagram post and have informed the athlete of the suspension.”

The Giants also posted a statement on the Giants Twitter account.

It reads: “We are taking disciplinary action against Victor Cruz.

We appreciate his hard work and dedication to the game of football.

We also understand the athlete’s position regarding his behavior and believe he was unaware of the ramifications.”

In February, Cruz was suspended for two games by the league after he admitted to Instagram that he had used steroids.

He has since denied the allegation and apologized for the photo.

Cruz’s Instagram post was removed after he tweeted a message of support for the bodybuilders.

“Thank you @jeffreygoldsberg and @bryantgoldsberger.

Your family and fans are always my best.

#BarryGoldsberg,” he wrote.

Cruz has been a frequent target of criticism in the sports world since he was drafted by the Giants out of high school in 2013.

He was suspended after he appeared to show up for practice with an anabolic steroid in a New York Jets jersey.

Cruz was suspended two games for steroid use, a violation of the league’s drug policy, during the 2017 season.