More news and views from kshbs weather blog


A reader sent in a link to an article about weather in southern England. 

The article, published by the kshba Weather blog, was titled “Weather on the rise in southern and central England” and featured a map of the UK. 

It said that the UK had been “tossed around by the warm winds, with a lot of rain coming in”. 

The title was followed by an image of the BBC weather forecasting service, the “Channel 4 News Weather”, which said it had “a pretty good track record in terms of weather”. 

A link to the article was also included on the blog, which appears to be a new site. 

An article about the weather was shared on Reddit. 

Kshba weather was founded by an old-school weatherman and meteorologist named Ian Campbell, and has a small but devoted following. 

Its main goal is to produce good quality weather and news for its readers. 

In a statement to The Verge, a kshbb spokesperson said that “our team of forecasters, journalists and scientists work 24/7 to bring you the best weather and climate news and analysis”. 

“We’re proud to be the first news organisation in the UK to be part of the global weather network, providing a full suite of weather, climate and energy content,” the spokesperson added. 

“With our news and forecasts, we are able to provide viewers with the very best information from across the UK, including forecasts, weather forecasts, temperature and other weather data, weather alerts, weather and other data, and more.” 

The spokesperson said the blog was not affiliated with BBC News or its affiliates. 

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