How to watch ‘Game of Thrones’ online without losing your voice


The video game “Game of Throne” has become the Internet’s favorite TV show for many of us.

That means it can also be a fun way to watch a show.

Here’s how to get your favorite shows and movies to stream on the big screen in a few easy steps.


Download the show and season from the Internet Archive and the iTunes store, both of which are free.

The show is available on Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Video, and HBO Now.

You can also find the season on HBO Now and Amazon Prime Video.


Set up an account with the show’s streaming service.

You should already have HBO Now, but if not, check with your cable provider.

The “Game” show is also available on HBO Go. 3.

Follow the instructions on the box.

Go to the HBO app, select “Game,” and then choose “Stream Now.”

If the show isn’t available on your TV, select the “Show” tab.


Choose “Stream On.”

The app will ask you to choose the correct region and time zone.

Choose that.


Choose your language.

If you’re not sure, try using the default English language settings, like the one shown in the image below.


Enter your email address.

If it doesn’t work, check the box to add a phone number.


Select “Subscribe to My Shows.”

You can then follow the instructions in the app to receive your shows and other HBO content in the mail.


Enjoy the show.

The app can’t do anything about your Internet connection or your cable subscription.

But, you can check your favorite TV shows and films for updates by logging in to HBO Now or Amazon Prime.