What to expect at the Hotwife and Maddow blog’s New Year’s Eve party


A year ago, Maddow was an anchor and a commentator on the cable news network, but the network decided to end its relationship with her in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against her by her former boyfriend.

The lawsuit, filed by former NBC anchor Paula Broadwell, alleged that Broadwell repeatedly sexually harassed and assaulted Broadwell in the workplace, and that her relationship with Broadwell was the subject of sexual harassment by other members of the network’s management.

But Maddow has since moved on from the network, which has not commented on the complaint.

She also has her own fashion blog, Hotwife, where she is also featured on the show and is hosting a book tour, including a visit to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

“I think this has really come to a point where, really, I don’t know if I could go on without being able to talk about it,” she said.

“It’s hard to keep doing it, especially because there’s so much pressure on people to be the center of attention and attention to the brand.”

Maddow, who is also married to the former comedian Joe Biden, is also hosting her own book tour.

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