What’s the best way to watch this week’s AFL Finals?


The AFL is currently in the middle of the AFL’s biggest weekend in recent memory, with the teams taking on their most anticipated games in two days.

The games will kick off at 1pm AEDT (AEST) on Saturday, October 5, with a live stream to be provided to fans.

The best way of watching the finals on your television or mobile device is to follow the match on Facebook and Twitter.AFL finals: watch live stream | ABC News: AFL finals live streamThe AFL’s big two teams, Hawthorn and Essendon, will meet at the MCG on Saturday.

The Hawks and Bombers will clash at Etihad Stadium on Sunday night.

While both teams will play their first games on Saturday night, the teams will clash later in the day.

The AFL has already confirmed the opening round matches will be held at Etampool Stadium in Melbourne on Saturday evening and will be televised live on ABC News.

The game will also be shown on Channel 7 on Sunday morning and Channel 10 on Monday morning.

The live stream of the first round will also air on ABC TV and Channel 7, with commentary by Gary Rohan.

If you’re a TV viewer, there will be no live stream available on your TV.

The games will be streamed to the internet in the US, Canada and Australia.

If there is an internet blackout during the first two games, it will be lifted at 8pm AEST on Sunday afternoon.

The next two games will also not be broadcast live in the first fortnight of the season.

The last game of the round will be the opening match of the grand final against Melbourne on Sunday.

The finals are being played at Etium Stadium in Brisbane.

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