The Future of Your Life, by Fergus Henderson, is out now from Bloomsbury


“The Future of your life is a very interesting question.

If you can’t see it now, how can you have a future in the future?

And the question that’s been bothering me for a long time is: How will you know when you’ve done that?

And there’s no one answer to that question.

You’ll always have to live with your choices, but how do you know if you’re going to live your life in the moment or not?

So I thought about this in a way that was very simple, that I would try to answer this question in a single book.”

In this new book, Henderson, who’s the author of The Future Of Your Life and many other books, takes on a different kind of future: one where he’s able to live and work in a world where he is not constrained by his physical limits.

In a new interview with TIME, Henderson talks about how he was able to write his book on a day when he was in a wheelchair, and the challenges he faced writing about his struggles.

What’s new in The Future You Are Now?

I’ve been writing a book for a year, but I’m still not sure how it’s going to get published.

I haven’t gotten any royalties.

I’m thinking of putting it out as a kind of mini-book.

But I can’t do that, because I can live on disability, so I’m going to put it out on the Internet as an eBook.

It’s a lot of work, because it’s such a long book.

What I’ve done, I’ve written a lot about the physical limitations of what I’m capable of doing, and it’s about how I deal with that and how I try to live a normal life, with my wife and kids and all that.

And it’s very different from what I write about on a daily basis.

So I think it’s a book about being able to survive in a place that’s very, very different, and what that means in a very, like, very, interesting way.

And I think that I’m very much inspired by it.

You know, I think a lot people have to struggle with this question.

I think people think that they have the choice to live the life that they want to live.

And they’ve never actually thought about it in that way, or tried to figure out how to live that way.

But then you realize that you have to decide to live it, and you have the ability to do that.

So when you think about it, you realize, What am I going to do with this life?

How am I not going to die?

And so that’s one of the things that I really like about it.

That I’m writing a different sort of book.

So there’s a great question that I have, that the other books I’m talking about don’t have to answer: How do I live life in a normal way, because you can never have a normal thing?

And I guess I think you’d find the answer to it in The First Day.

Because that’s the first book I ever wrote.

I’ve never been the sort of person to go out and write books about myself.

I mean, it’s not that I don’t enjoy writing books, it just isn’t what I do.

I feel like that’s really, really important for me.

I don.

It is.

It really is.

And that’s a big part of why I write the books.

That’s what makes me really happy.

It means that I know what I want to say and how to say it.

So it’s one thing to be able to say, You know what?

I want a normal book.

I want it to be written with the sort, I mean a professional voice, with a professional feel.

I can write in a style that is very professional.

But what I also want is to do a really interesting thing that I want people to have a chance to read.

So that’s why The First Way has been such a big thing for me, and I really want to do something like that.

But it’s hard because I’m so busy, because my life is so busy.

I have to work on it, which is pretty damn stressful.

So the books are a way for me to say: Well, this is what I’ve always wanted to do.

And this is the thing that’s most interesting to me, I guess.

And what I feel I’m missing out on in this book is just how, well, how do we actually live life?

What kind of normal life do we want to have?

And this book, it really gives me a chance, because the book itself is very simple.

I wrote it in three days, I wrote the book in two weeks.

It was written in two days and two weeks, so it was almost a full month, and that’s just not what I can do.

So this book was