Why ‘Shabby Tree’ won’t stop Hillary Clinton’s ‘shrill’ attacks


Former Vice President Joe Biden was “shrill” about Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in November, as well as on his Facebook page, according to the Washington Post.

Biden called her “disgusting,” “reckless,” “unpresidential,” and “unqualified.”

“It is clear from her actions over the past year and a half that she is unqualified for the presidency,” Biden wrote in his Facebook post.

“She is reckless with our national security, unfit for office, unfit to lead the country and a disaster for our country.”

Clinton, meanwhile, called Biden “disgraceful” and “dangerous” in a speech earlier this month.

Biden’s post came just weeks after Biden took to Twitter to blast President Donald Trump and his administration.

“This is the president who, last week, made his personal feelings about the First Lady and me known,” Biden said.

“Now, he’s doing exactly the same thing on the military and the veterans.

And he’s making this about me.”

Biden, who has been under pressure to distance himself from Trump during his presidency, did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Biden was also the recipient of a scathing rebuke from a veteran who called him a “bully” in his post on Facebook.

“I can tell you this, Joe Biden,” the veteran wrote.

“You are not a bully.

You are a human being.”