Which NBA player is the worst at tweeting?


Who’s worse at tweeting than LeBron James?

That’s the question being asked by Twitter users this morning.

After the Warriors’ star was spotted wearing a “Go Blue” t-shirt and a “Get Me Out of Here” sweatshirt, many took to Twitter to criticize the outspoken NBA player for his apparent lack of social media use.

“LeBron James is the most prolific tweeter in the league,” one Twitter user wrote.

“He does more social media posts than anyone in the NBA.

He doesn’t use Twitter.

He’s been on twitter for 30 years.”

Another wrote: “He can’t tweet.

He doesnt like to tweet.

So when his team loses, hes the one who makes sure the fans see it.”

Other Twitter users noted that LeBron James has already had a lot of criticism this season and said he should be tweeting less and less, too.

“LOL that @king_james is the only person in the NFL who doesnt tweet more than he should,” one person tweeted.

“Is there a player in the history of sports who has never had a tweet tweeted?

#TeamLOL” Another added: “LMAO he tweets more than anyone, including himself. LMAO.”

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