The ‘Bates Family Blog’ has a lot of secrets that make it the best family blog


Best blog site,bids best family website The Bates family blog, which has grown from a tiny online family blog into a global network of blogs and websites, is a family site. 

The blog’s name is taken from a classic book by American author James Patterson, and it was created by Bates sisters, Sarah and Julie, in 2012, after they realised their mother had recently passed away.

The site’s motto is “Bates is the Best,” and is based around the premise that the author of the book who penned it, James Patterson is the best father a man could ask for. 

But it’s also an online community of more than 100,000 readers who have shared their stories of childhood memories, childhood love, childhood trauma and their own childhood traumas. 

“The Bates Family Blog is the first of its kind in the world,” said Sarah Bates, whose father, Jim, is also the co-author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

“It’s a place where we can share what we love, share our family secrets, share what happened and how we have survived the trials and tribulations of life.”

The internet has made it easy for us to share our lives, and there are so many stories that are shared online.

“Bates has helped so many families in such a way, and I’m so proud of the family we have.” 

It’s not just Bates’ family who has been able to share their experiences. 

Julie and Sarah also share their stories with the Bates family, and some of them have become permanent part of the blog.

“I don’t know what it would be like if I were to be a blogger, but I’m thrilled to be part of it,” Julie Bates said. 

Bates, a mother of two, grew up in the small Victorian town of Taunton, near her mother’s hometown of Bath, and spent much of her childhood there.

“There was no internet when I was a child, and my mum’s family lived in a cottage,” she said.

“We would come to the local shops to buy the things we needed, and we would spend hours on the internet.”

“I loved to read books.

My mum was very interested in history, and the local library was very important for her,” she continued.

“I remember one book I read which was about the life of Charles Dickens, and that was so interesting.” 

Battles was one of a number of children who spent time with her father’s family, visiting them regularly.

“My dad and I would go to the town where he lived, and sometimes we’d spend some time with him,” Sarah said.

“He’d give us a ride home, but that was when I really started to get to know my dad.”

We’d sit on the car and we’d sit and talk.

We’d say, ‘Dad, what’s wrong with you?’ and he’d say: ‘Nothing, it’s just the weather.

It’s just raining.

I just like it here.

I like the trees, and, ah, I love the sea.

It makes me happy.'” 

Julia said her father would always tell her how much he loved her and her brother, but he also did not let her get away with being naughty.”

For a long time I just was like, ‘Daddy, I’m sorry.

I’m not naughty,'” she said of the time she was a little girl and she was playing with a doll in her room.”

It was like a dream that we could all be together, and all of a sudden, the little doll just goes out the window and disappears.” 

In the years since, she has spent her time learning about the history of her town, the local museums, and other areas of interest.”

I wanted to learn more about the town, and get more involved.””

When she died, she left a lot behind, and so we would go out on the weekends, and visit museums and other places.

I wanted to learn more about the town, and get more involved.”

Julie, a former teacher, said she would often travel to visit her father, and she would be able to talk about her memories with him.

“In my early 20s, I started getting really interested in the history and the people of Bath,” she recalled.

“And that’s when I realised, wow, this is a real community.”

So I started looking into things and talking to people and I realised I could have the time of my life.” 

Sarah said her mother, who died when she was 18, was a good influence on her.”

She encouraged me to think outside the box and go to places that I had never been before,” she added. 

Although the blog’s existence was initially started by Bates and her sister, Julie has been involved in the Bates Family since she was eight years old.”