Which NFL team is going bankrupt?


In March, the NFL’s Steelers franchise was sold for a record $1.1 billion to a group led by American billionaire George Soros, a major financier of left-leaning progressive causes.

But the sale also triggered a bankruptcy filing by the Steelers, which was seen by many as a sign that the league was facing a financial crisis.

The team’s owner, Dean Spanos, has refused to comment on the bankruptcy filing.

He has previously denied any financial problems and has said he was willing to sell the team to someone who would provide the Steelers with a “great stadium” for football and a new home for his children.

His stance drew criticism from some supporters, who pointed to the NFL franchise’s long history of financial troubles, including the fact that the team has lost $100 million on the football field each year since 2011.

The NFL, meanwhile, has faced criticism over a number of issues in recent years, including a lack of discipline for players who make violent altercations with opposing players, and a number that have been investigated by federal and state authorities.

The Steelers are now the largest franchise in the NFL, having grown to 847 members.

The group said in a statement that it was willing “to work with a buyer to find a buyer for the Steelers.”

A spokesperson for the NFL said the league would have no further comment at this time.

“The NFL is a global, multi-billion-dollar industry that has evolved into a global institution and remains the most popular sport in the world,” the spokesperson said.

“We have an obligation to our fans to ensure the integrity of our game, and we continue to work diligently to ensure that we continue serving them.”