When the Cowboys’ Eli Harold is back, Dallas will need a new offense


In his first year in Dallas, Eli Harold had an impressive first season as the Cowboys offensive coordinator.

But his second season saw the offense struggle as he and co. struggled to find the right mix of running game and passing game to complement a weak passing game.

Harold’s replacement, Scott Linehan, was a complete failure, failing to find a viable passing game, and then having a quarterback who has never really developed into a legitimate quarterback.

Harold is a coach who has a proven track record in Dallas and the Cowboys offense in general.

His record in Denver and Buffalo also showed a coach whose success as a coach was limited by his ability to create a system that would fit his personnel.

That is not to say that Harold’s offensive system is unplayable.

He has been able to build his teams into successful systems with a wide range of personnel and formations.

However, the Broncos offense has struggled with injuries, the Bills defense has been very poor, and the offense has been inconsistent.

The Cowboys offense is still far from the offensive system that was a key to winning the Super Bowl and the NFC East, but with the addition of Linehan it seems that the offense is finally starting to come together.

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