New emails show GM to discuss Flint water crisis with Trump administration


A senior GM executive said Thursday he met with the White House to discuss the Flint water contamination crisis.

In a series of emails obtained by Fox News, Jim McNamara, the GM chief executive of North America, discussed the crisis with then-President Donald Trump, according to a report published Thursday.

The emails, obtained by The New York Times, were sent in August and November of last year.

McNamara’s email was one of several that were sent between July and September of this year, and were sent to Trump and then-chief of staff Reince Priebus.

The documents were obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request by the Associated Press.

Trump has repeatedly said he knew nothing about the Flint crisis, despite repeated assertions by senior administration officials and the state’s Republican governor.

In an interview Thursday on MSNBC, Priebus defended the administration’s handling of the Flint disaster.

“The governor was totally committed to the water,” Priebus said.

“I think the governor was a huge proponent of that.

And he was also deeply concerned by the fact that there was not enough testing, that the governor didn’t have the resources to put into place a full water system.”

Priebus said that when Trump visited Flint in February to discuss improving the state, he told the governor he had been told by senior officials at the Environmental Protection Agency that the state had “lost a great deal of money” on water treatment and storage.

In response, the governor told Trump he would look into it.

“He told me that the president had been very clear that he thought we had a problem,” Priebus told MSNBC.

The administration, however, has disputed the claims.

Trump repeatedly claimed that the federal government “lacked” the resources and that the Flint residents had been “treated very badly.”

The State Department has also been investigating whether the water had been tainted with lead and if the city had been adequately responding to the problem.

Trump did not directly address the Flint case in his October 9 address to the nation.

He called the situation “horrible,” but did not mention the city of Flint.

He also declined to mention the name of the city or the Flint’s emergency manager in his speech.

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