Why I left my home in California for an RV


I had a new RV.

It was a Toyota Land Cruiser and I thought it was perfect.

I loved the exterior, and I wanted to take it out for a road trip, and it was the perfect place to spend the day.

But the ride home wasn’t what I wanted.

The driver wasn’t really interested in the trip, the front seats were too small, and the interior was lacking in charm.

I wanted the best seats on the planet.

I needed to move, and there was no way I was going to pay the price to live in a house where I was not a fan of the interior.

I took a month off, and now I have an RV with more than 50 years of living in it. 

I recently moved to a new house with a lot more space.

The biggest adjustment has been the addition of a lot of floor space. 

My wife and I are living in an RV and have never done it before.

I was really excited to get our new house in place, but when I got the offer of a new one, I was skeptical. 

“We are going to have a lot less space,” I said to my wife.

“I’m a big fan of having lots of space, but if you want a little more, I’m all for it.

But I am just not going to put up with the hassle. 

She said, “Oh, I’ll just be careful.” 

We agreed that it would be best if we moved in together. 

We moved into the new house a few weeks ago, and our house is almost as big as our new RV now. 

Our new house is a little bigger, and we had a little bit more space, too. 

As I sat down to start the process of getting the new RV, I knew I wanted more space on the floors. 

At first, I thought I was nuts.

I didn’t want more than two rows of seats and no floor space, and yet I was thinking of moving in together, and so I did. 

A few months ago, we had to move in for the summer, and because we are so close, we just felt like a big deal to have two people living in our house. 

The biggest thing I wanted was a nice kitchen and a big living room. 

However, we have to make sacrifices in other areas of the house, and these were among them.

I moved my computer from one of my old desks to a large screen that is far bigger than my desk, so I could use it for meetings, and in my living room, the projector was placed so I would have more space to use it.

We are also moving into a more spacious basement, and this is something we really missed. 

When I bought my new house, I assumed the renovations were going to be smooth.

It wasn’t. 

For example, the basement was completely empty, and while we were moving in, the air conditioner started blowing in the back of our house, killing the electricity. 

So, in order to maintain our living space, we decided to move into a smaller space, so that we could maintain our new living space.

We even took our water heater out of the basement and moved it to a smaller, cooler space.

I think that is what makes this move so important.

I want to take the time to appreciate the things that make this place special, and not worry about what I don’t have, or don’t need. 

Another thing that we did not anticipate was that we will have to share our living room with a couple of dogs.

I had already taken one of them out to a walk and they had to be put down, so the new space will not have enough space for a large dog. 

It is not an issue for me personally, because I don�t have a dog of my own, but I do have a cat and I have a few cats I have had over the years. 

What I did not realize was that this will take us up to 25% of our budget for a year. 

This is an expensive thing to do, but we have decided that we are not going anywhere. 

In order to get rid of this issue, we will be moving out to another property and living in that.

I am very happy with the changes we made.