How do you get the most out of a Facebook blog?


by Fox News article A Facebook blog is becoming increasingly popular among young adults, with more than a quarter of all new posts being posted by women, according to new research from the Pew Research Center.

The trend is particularly pronounced among millennials, with over half of the posts being made by women.

“The trend of women becoming more active in their social media lives and more engaged online is a great opportunity for them to build their social capital, build their brand and get a sense of who they are,” said Sarah E. Hannon, director of Pew Research.

Hannon and her team analyzed data from nearly 1.5 million posts and analyzed them through two key metrics: the number of likes, comments and shares, and the number and popularity of content posts.

The researchers also looked at the percentage of women in the top three-percent of the audience for the topics covered in the posts.

Pew found that the number three most popular topics among women was “family, friends, pets,” with over two-thirds of the content posts being about family, with two-fifths about pets.

Other topics that women were more likely to write about were “money” and “social justice,” with nearly three-quarters of all posts about these topics being written by women in 2015.

In fact, over half (53 percent) of all the posts on the top five topics were about women.

Women also made up over one-third of all Facebook users in the U.S., making up more than 25 percent of the site’s 1.3 billion monthly active users.

The data showed that women are increasingly interested in connecting with people and posting more, which is a sign that social media is becoming a popular form of engagement among the younger generations.

However, the research also revealed that men are still struggling to create content that is more engaging. 

The researchers also found that women, like men, are increasingly writing about topics like family, friends and pets, which are seen as more of a priority by younger people.

Hankson said that Facebook has a huge opportunity to reach these audiences, as it is a natural platform for engaging young people.

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