Why Apple’s new iPhone 8 will be so good for us


By MIKE BALDWINPosted October 08, 2018 06:05:01The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are expected to be the most expensive iPhones to launch in the last decade, with a high price tag that will have a profound impact on the retail landscape.

We expect that the new iPhone will make a big splash at Apple’s fall events, which begin on Wednesday.

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off in Las Vegas this week.

It’s expected that the iPhone 8, which has a higher screen resolution than the 8 Plus, will be the flagship iPhone model in the iPhone lineup.

The iPhone 9, also announced Wednesday, will feature a 6.5-inch screen and an improved processor and GPU.

Apple’s iPhones are also expected to have a smaller bezel that makes it easier for people to read text.

Apple will also likely sell more of its smartphones in smaller and more affordable sizes.

Apple has also said it will unveil the new MacBook, a laptop that features a high-resolution display.

Apple will also unveil new accessories for the iPhone and iPad, including a new leather and aluminum case.

The iPhone 8S and iPhone 8 Plus will be released next year, while the 9S and 9 Plus will launch in 2020.

Apple plans to announce more products in 2018, including new iPhones, iPad Pro models, the iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch series 4, according to a Bloomberg report.

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