How to be a geek in 2016


Blogger and New York City native Dave Barry has had a great year so far.

He’s been featured in Time magazine, The Washington Post, Mashable, Forbes, Wired, and more, and has a new book out, which is out in October.

But he has some advice for other writers, too.

In an interview with Mashable in February, Barry discussed some tips on writing for a more successful career. 

For example, he advises aspiring writers to consider the fact that it’s all about the money. 

“I was in college when I started, and that was a big deal for me,” Barry said.

“But in my 30s, I realized that it was just a money-grabber job.” 

“If you’re writing something that is worth money, you have to think about that.”

Barry told Mashable that he’s always had to look at money in the equation of writing.

“I’m not saying I can’t write for a living, but I’m just saying that you need to take into account all the variables,” he said. 

Barry also had a message for aspiring writers. 

“[I] would just tell them, you know, there’s no one-size-fits-all.

You know, I think you can write for any medium.

I just think that you can do it for as long as you’re willing to put in the work,” he continued. 

If you want to become a successful writer, Barry suggested that you write about the “good” in yourself. 

That said, he also has some tips for aspiring actors, as well.

“If you have the right background, if you’ve got the right attitude, if the right amount of courage, if your voice is strong enough, you can make it in this industry,” he told Mashability. 

So if you’re a writer, check out these tips from Dave Barry to help you write better.