How the UK’s top tech company has become an independent powerhouse


AUSTRALIA’S top tech giant BMW Group has become the first company in the world to be given its own digital business, with its chief executive making the announcement.

The announcement was made at its annual shareholder meeting in Sydney on Thursday and follows the news last month that the German carmaker had been bought by Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings.BMW’s chief executive, Norbert Reitz, said the move would enable the company to operate in an increasingly digital world, where consumers had been shifting to mobile and other digital platforms.

“The digital revolution is unstoppable and our customers are demanding the same thing we are,” he said.

“Our customers are looking for value and that’s what makes us special.

They want value and the digital economy is the answer to that.”BMW, which was once known for its luxury brands, said it would provide its own online content platform and digital services for BMW to help drive growth in its business.”

This is an important step forward for BMW Group, as we work to help the world’s leading brands succeed and grow,” Mr Reitz said.BMWs digital ambitions are also being mirrored by other companies.

The French carmaker Renault said on Thursday it would become a digital-first company with its online store, while the Australian company Uber said it was setting up a digital advertising arm.

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