Updraft blog receives $6M grant from Google News, News Indexing website


Updraft Blog received a $6 million grant from News Index, a non-profit news indexing website that aims to create a digital media hub for small businesses in the US.

The grant will help with the site’s growing revenue from advertising and other digital revenue.

The $6.7 million grant will be used to help the startup build out a new advertising platform and expand the site to other regions.

The Updraft team plans to launch a new ad platform in the coming months, with the goal of increasing the traffic to the site.

Updraft’s co-founder and CEO, Matt Oleszewski, says the funding was a big deal because of the positive impact the news index would have on the company.

Upstream Blog will be able to better target its ads to consumers, advertisers, and influencers across social media and digital media, he said.

UpDraft’s previous investors include Y Combinator, Venture Capital firm Sequoia Capital, and Y Combi Fund.

The startup was founded in 2016.

TheScoreland Blog has been a fixture on the internet for over a decade, serving as a destination for up-to-date articles and articles about topics that have a large impact on the daily lives of readers.

TheUpdraft blog is one of the sites that Updraft was previously founded with and has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Forbes, and others.

Upcast has a diverse community that has been active on Updraft, from those who have worked for the company and others who have built a thriving business in the industry.

The updraft team is aiming to continue expanding the site into new markets.

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